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Time to catch up with gadgets

I am often late to catch on to new trends in the market. I have seen many ‘greatest thing on the market’ come and go so I am hesitant to invest hard earned dollars into something that isn’t going to live up to what it is supposed to do.

My latest kitchen gadget is a NutriBullet. Yes, I am waaaayyyyy behind the 8-ball with this piece of equipment but while the idea of it seemed really good, I was a little confused.


I have a food blender – otherwise known as a vitamiser, and a food processor, how could this gadget do something these couldn’t? I had run out of kitchen bench space years ago, and soon after running out of bench space I ran out of cupboard space. I was not about to bring something else into my household that was just going to collect dust or sit in the back of a cupboard.

The health and wellness brand NutriBullet launched into the Australian market in March 2012, completely changing the way many people consumed food. With the development of Nutrition Extraction, the NutriBullet team made eating healthy easier for those who live an active lifestyle, are health conscious or time poor.

Fast forward to 2016, NutriBullet is known for producing the worlds most advanced nutrition extraction machines and creating products that provide quick, easy and delicious ways to maximise daily fruit and vegetable intake.paleodiet

I am by no means a fitness fanatic and liken myself to being closer to a couch potato than a gym junkie, but I try to eat healthy foods. My hectic lifestyle, running from interview to interview, writing, photography and everything being one of the editors of prodijee involves, makes it very difficult to, not only plan healthy meals, but to carry through making them.

The idea of a NutriBullet has been very appealing, for years, but it is just something I never got around to doing my research on.

I have heard so many mixed reviews on similar products that are as small as a coke bottle, just sit on your bench and do all the work, vitamise your food, are flimsy and plastic looking – I was confused so it all became too hard to even think about.


So, four years after they hit the Australian market, I found myself with a lovely NutriBullet adorning my kitchen bench – and I am hooked!

The ease, the speed, the smoothness of the end product – WOWZA!

This wonderful ‘gadget’ is brilliant! Use any variety of fruit, vegetables, super foods, ice, nuts and grains and in less than 30 seconds you will have a drink that will provide you with optimised nutrition intake – and you can take your drink with you as you are rushing out the door as the cups have screw on sealing caps.

I am still experimenting with flavours (can’t manage kale as yet) but I can’t believe how quickly I am feeling healthier. I am getting so many nutrients that I had previously missed out on, in a single and very simple drink. All you need to do is have a variety of ingredients in your house – fruits, vegetables, whatever you want and play around with flavours and goodness to turn ordinary foods into super foods.

Oh, and yes, the NutriBullet is taking pride of place on my kitchen bench and I am very happy to have it there.

The NutriBullet range includes the original and best-selling NutriBullet 600W (RRP: $169.99), the biggest selling NutriBullet PRO 900W (RRP: $199.99) and the most advanced NutriBullet to date, the NutriBullet Rx1700W (RRP: $399.99). For a limited time only, you can get a Limited Edition Colour for $149.99.

Multi colour

NutriBullet’s are available for purchase online at and at all leading retailers and specialty stores across the country.

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by Carol Sheridan