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Spice up your Christmas lunch with the flavours of Malaysia

Malaysian Christmas lunch

Melbourne, Australia: With Christmas just weeks away, we want to inspire you to try something different and surprise your guests with the unique tastes of Malaysia.

Malaysian cuisine offers a rich melting pot of flavours, ranking amongst the most delicious and tastiest in Asia. With a palate underpinned by a wide diversity of influences including Chinese, Indian and Portuguese, not to mention the many spices characteristic of South East Asian food, Malaysian cuisine is rightly emerging as a favourite of food-lovers everywhere. So we think incorporating the tastes of Malaysia into traditional Christmas fare is the perfect way to add that X factor to your festive season entertaining.

To help take out the guesswork we’ve provided our top five flavours of Malaysia that work perfectly to up the ante on your traditional Christmas feast… And, what’s better, you don’t have to travel to source the ingredients as they can be found your local Asian grocer.

Malaysian Christmas lunch

Bring life to your seafood

We all know that seafood is a staple addition at most Australian homes during the festive season. This year, wow your guests with a decadent prawn Laksa. Laksa is one of Malaysia’s best known and most popular dishes, with its rich coconut curry base. The veritable minestrone of South Asia, Laksas can feature anything from tofu puffs, fish shrimps through to chicken pieces and of course, noodles and lots of delicious Asian vegetables. It’s typically served with a generous spoonful of chilli paste or sambal, and garnished with coriander, or kaffir lime leaf. Laksa is the perfect way to start your Christmas meal with a bang and is the ultimate go-to dish that provides fresh, spicy flavours.

‘Ham’ up your glazed ham

Tired of the same old glazing on your Christmas ham? Why not incorporate delicious Malaysian flavours and give your guests something to talk about. For a unique taste that is sure to impress, add palm sugar and tamarind peel or a Malaysian curry paste for a chilli taste that will be sure to fire up your Christmas lunch.

Serve slices of the ham with sweet pineapple pieces and roti to tone down and balance out the chilli factor.

Malaysian Christmas lunch

Tantalise with your Turkey

Roast turkey is the veritable star of any Christmas banquet. This year, the proof is in the stuffing, and we encourage you to utilise the vast flavours of Malaysian cuisine when stuffing and basting your bird. Spice up your stuffing with a wide range of spices like cardamom, cloves, turmeric and chilli, or coat your bird in some nyonya curry paste or chilli sambal that are sure to make your turkey flavoursome and exciting this festive season.

Turn it up a couple of notches in the trifle stakes

You can’t go past a classic Aussie dessert at Christmas. A summer trifle is a light sweet treat that is guaranteed to end your festive banquet on a high. Take your guests on a culinary journey, and give it an exotic makeover this year by adding in some traditional Malaysian flavours including some mango, coconut cream and pandan for a truly refreshing indulgence.

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