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How to cook the perfect ribs

With Low & Slow BBQ Guide - by Adam Roberts

Having just returned from a trip to America, BBQ and ribs are foremost in my mind when I am thinking of delicious USA cuisine. Tender, juicy meat, full of smoky flavours simply falling off the bone with all the tacky goodness sticking to your fingers as your mouth waters waiting to taste that first bite.

While it is never not BBQ season in Australia, with winter now behind us we are more inclined to get outdoors and fire up the cookers to feed hungry family and guests. The old favourites, sausages and burgers, will never disappear from our outdoor grill plates, but Australians have moved on and are now welcoming new flavours and outdoor cooking styles and there are few things in life more delicious, satisfying and universally loved than a plate of glistening, slow-cooked rack of ribs.

RIBS With Low & Slow BBQ Guide is the ultimate collection of the very best recipes, tips and techniques from barbeque aficionado Adam Roberts.

As Co-Founder and General Manager of the Australasian Barbeque Alliance, Adam Roberts is a self-confessed food enthusiast and expert on all things ribs. In his role, he coordinates dozens of wood-fired barbecue competitions across Australia and New Zealand.

Adam Roberts

Adam also regularly competes against Australia’s best barbecue teams on the Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championship circuit and has picked up a handful of trophies for various categories including a Reserve Grand Championship trophy in 2017.

Hickory smoked beef short ribs

With many years of girth-building food experiences or tours of places including the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, South Pacific, Arabian Desert (UAE), Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey—Adam has picked up some of the best flavour combinations and cooking techniques available and lays them down in Ribs for all to enjoy.

Apricot and Spring Onion Pork Rib Soup

RIBS With Low & Slow BBQ Guide walks you through the big, bold flavours for all levels of expertise with all readers need to know about different rib types, marinades, rubs and cooking methods for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. But this book is more than just munching delicious meat from bones, it highlights recipes which use rib meat – Apricot & Spring Onion Pork Rib Soup, Massaman Beef Ribs, Pork Rib & Spanish Rice and Chilli Beef Bowl to name a few. The recipes are easy to follow with readily accessible ingredients and while there are a few skill levels used throughout the book, you will find that nothing is difficult. Unlocking the secrets to this unctuous, moreish cuisine will win everyone over.

Salsa Verde Lamb Burger

RIBS aims to promote the low and slow barbeque method, and embrace the growing competition culture within the industry; experimenting and expanding whilst also acknowledging the rich heritage of American barbeque culture.

RIBS With Low & Slow BBQ Guide – by Adam Roberts by New Holland Publishers is available from good bookstores or online – – RRP AU$45.00

by Carol Sheridan