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Natural Australian style

Life is just too short to spend hours to get that ‘natural’ look for your hair, especially as the weather gets better and we want to spend every waking moment outside in the sunshine and fresh air.


I always laugh when I hear of people spending hours upon hours trying to achieve a ‘natural’ look. Natural is NATURAL – no work involved, just as you are, free from enhancements.

OK, so most of us women don’t really like to be completely au naturale, so when it comes to getting that natural beach babe hair look you can’t go past De Lorenzo’s Elements Ocean Mist.


All you do is give the bottle a good shake, spray onto damp or even dry hair and give your head a shake, or tousle your locks, before giving your hair a quick scrunch – voila!

No spending hours with a curling iron, only to run your fingers through those curls to loosen them, no heat from a hair drier, no curling product, no styling cream, no gel, no setting lotion, no hair spray. Just a few spritzes of salt infused spray Ocean Mist and your hair will have that feel and texture of salt water in the hair and have windswept definition.


Australian made and cruelty free with certified organic ingredients, Elements Ocean Mist by De Lorenzo is perfect for Australian natural style.

RRP AU $24.50 –