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Marysville memories

Wonderful childhood memories of holidays to Marysville, Victoria, remain with me to this day. This beautiful town has always and will always hold a place close to my heart.

Living in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne it’s less than a 90 minute drive for me so it’s perfect for a quick morning or afternoon drive or to go for a full day and enjoy the beauty this town and its surrounds offer.

Driving through the iconic Black Spur, with all those trees struggling to reach the massive heights they need to attain to sunlight, always makes my heart soar – I never tire of the drive out there.

My most recent visit to Marysville involved a walk out to Steavenson Falls, something I have not done for many years, an area that has been popular with tourists since the 1860’s.

These falls are one of the highest in Australia with a drop of 84 metres. Located on the Steavenson River in the Yarra Valley, Steavenson Falls is located just 4 kilometres south east of Marysville 3km along Falls Road.

There are plenty of walking tracks around the falls, but if you just want to head straight to the falls, it’s an easy 700m walk along a graveled path. The walk will only take 15-30 mins and is suitable for wheel chairs.

One of the most popular walks is the Keppel Lookout Trail. This trail is more challenging so walkers should be prepared with food and water as it is steep and uneven and will take between 3-4 hours to complete. But make the effort and you will be rewarded with forest views and four scenic lookouts.

Another walk you can do is the Tree Fern Gully Trail which is a gentle walk linking Marysville with Steavenson Falls Scenic Reserve. Starting in Gallipoli Park in Marysville, this trip will take 1-1.5 hours return and is 3.4 kilometres long.

Whether you choose an easy stroll or a more challenging hike, Steavenson Falls is a breathtaking sight that is just as beautiful in the evening with the falls and pathways lit up until 11pm.

Walk 350 metres to the viewing platform below the falls. You can visit the turbine generator along the way. A viewing platform spans the river providing a vantage point from the far side. To get there drive to Steavenson Falls carpark, which is located 3km along bitumen on Falls Road. Alternatively take the Tree Fern Gully Trail, a scenic 3.4km one way walk from the heart of town to the base of Steavenson Falls.

Metered parking is available on site, so make sure to bring coins (around $3.00) as the machines do not take credit card.

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by Carol Sheridan