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It’s not all about Christmas!

We have a massive build up to Christmas day, planning for weeks or months on end, shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, and then it is all over. The big day has been and gone in the blink of an eye.

Boxing Day is the day of recovery, then we hit those kind of nothing days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve – WHAT? New Year’s Eve? Yes, while we are busy doing all the running around for Christmas, many of us forget about New Year’s Eve until the last minute and are often left making last minute plans.

Most of us celebrate Christmas with close family, but most of us celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends, and we usually choose the friends we celebrate with because of the fun factor.

I have just found a way to be super prepared for celebrating the bringing in of a New Year without any stress – Cocktails!


Buy your ingredients now, put them away until after Christmas, invite your most ‘fun’ friends, put out a few quick nibbles, buy some ice about an hour before your guests arrive and then the real fun begins as you shake away to your heart’s content.

Steve Quirk is the author of X-Rated Cocktails – and the ‘X-Rated’ bit is why I suggest this for a celebration with friends rather than family.

Blue cocktail with orange isolated on white

Steve first took an interest in cocktails when serving in the navy. He found himself experimenting with all types of spirits and liqueurs and creating his own recipes to share with friends and family. He began to compile as many recipes as he could find and his hobby soon became an obsession. After three years he has created the most comprehensive collection of cocktail recipes around.

“There is a cocktail to suit every occasion, from fun with friends to intimate and naughty celebrations with your significant other, you will soon master the skills to mix cheeky cocktail concoctions using these delicious recipes,” says Steve.


X-Rated Cocktails is the go-to drink guide for anyone that enjoys entertaining with a sense of humour. It’s not for the faint hearted, so if you’ve ever fancied Sex on the Beach but never quite been brave enough, this book is here to immerse you into a world of wild dreams and fantasies.


This book provides 269 adult X-Rated cocktail recipes and mixed drinks that will liven up any party, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a Bucks night, a Hens night or even just a group of friends that want to have fun with a few drinks and a good laugh. If you are meeting for a few drinks before hitting the town for a celebration, then these drinks will get you excited and in the mood for a great night out.

The book is separated in to categories – Gin, Rum, Vodka, Shooters etc with each category having some interesting information and history about the particular spirit. The book is packed full of delicious X-rated drinks with downright dirty names – with some of the more ‘tame’ names being – Chastity Belt – Lick It Real Good – Quickie – Mistress.

So Get Between the Sheets and Get Laid, with a Comfortable Screw, and release your Creamy Orgasm with these easy to follow cocktail recipes, it’s time to have a little naughty fun!

RRP AU $29.99 – Hardback

Published by New Holland Publishers