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Indulge in supreme decadence

“Decadent Shakes are an expression of the flavours we love to eat, combined into a drink which tastes and look amazing. If you enjoy the flavours of sweet and salty, get inspired and mix together chocolate with salted caramel and decorate using crisps chips for an added crunch.”

Matthew, Sarah and Brendan Aouad are siblings running a family business making the world a happier place one decadent shake at a time. With experience from every facet of a business, each sibling brings an innovative flair to how a small business should be run and shakes should be made, creating a sweet rivalry that has turned into some of their finest decadent shakes time after time.

Monster milkshakes took the world by storm earlier this year, becoming a huge worldwide trend for lovers of milkshakes and sweet treats alike.

Now, The Vogue Café, based in Sydney is helping you create your own Decadent Shakes at home, letting your imagination run wild as you create the shakes of your wildest dreams and enjoy the mouth-watering decadence that results.

It’s clear that happily sipping away on a treat-laden milkshake, dripping in excess chocolate and sweets evokes a sense of delicious indulgence to which nothing else will ever come close.

Decadent shakes_front coverHR

This delightful and fun book ‘Decadent Shakes’ covers everything anyone could possibly want to know about creating indulgence. From decorating your glass with chocolate or sugar rims, adding whipped cream and extra sprinkles, or gumballs and candy bananas to your drink and even topping a shake with a Christmas tree, the ideas are inspiring and decadent.

Have you ever considered a Peanut Butter Milkshake with Reeses Pieces and popcorn or maybe a Billy Bonka shake with Snickers and Oreos or even a Double Decker which includes a mint Golden Gaytime, Crunchie, Nutella… This is a book where a simple iced chocolate is most definitely not a simple iced chocolate!

Iced Chocolate

You will find yourself in a delightful indulgent heavenly space as you read through this book – each page turn will have your eyes bulging and mouth-watering as your face beams with a huge smile – it is a book of happiness.

Billy Bonka

Pink Lady

With shakes that are fruit based and those that are ice-cream based, this book has something to suit every tastebud’s idea of decadence and would make a fantastic gift for anyone who is young in age or young at heart.

Whatever your taste, spoil yourself – and your family and friends with deliciously decadent shakes you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Published by New Holland Publishers in hardback format – RRP $26.99