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Heart Attack Grill

RETROLOGOAmericans have the reputation for obesity and while my experience is that Americans are no more obese than the average Aussie, America certainly caters for those wanting to have an unhealthy serving of calories.media82

One place that offers lashings of calories is The Heart Attack Grill. Established in 2005, in Las Vegas, this restaurant has a hospital theme and is well known for promoting an unhealthy diet of massive hamburgers. As a customer, you will be referred to as a ‘patient’, the order you place is called a ‘prescription’ and the lovely lady serving you will be known as your ‘nurse’. Flipping the burgers is ‘Dr Jon’ (a non AMA recognized physician) who wears the typical medical attire of white lab coat and stethoscope.   He has been referred to as a ‘nutritional pornographer’ in his attempt to fight political correctness and serve food that oozes fat and calories.

media10Burgers here are named after various coronary artery bypass surgeries! You can get the Single, Double, Triple or Quadruple Bypass. The Single Bypass Burger has a 500g beef patty but you get a whopping 2kg of beef in the Quadruple Bypass Burger. The Quadruple Bypass Burger has been said to be around 8,000 calories and for those who don’t know the calculations, that’s a massive 33,600 kilojoules!

Now, if you want to do your sums again, The Healthy Food Guide ( recommends that the average female has an intake of between 7,600 and 9,800 kilojoules per day and the average male around 8,300 to 10,700. So, at my calculations, the Quadruple Bypass Burger is 3 to 4 times what the average person should be consuming on a daily basis, and this is just talking calories/kilojoules, not fat, sodium, carbohydrate etc. media7

Still, it’s a fun place to go if you are looking for a bit of theatrical presentation to your dining experience, and if you manage to consume one of the Quadruple Bypass Burgers, one of the lovely, scantily clad and well-endowed nurses will push you out to your car in a wheelchair!

For health reasons, I would not recommend eating the food here, and please be advised that while the staff are called doctors and nurses, nobody on staff has any medical training. But taking all of this into consideration, should you be so inclined, you could always try their ‘Flatliner Fries’ which are cooked in pure lard, have a milkshake that is topped with a pat of butter and said to have the highest butterfat content in the world, or maybe you would prefer to have full sugar Coca-Cola or smoke the Lucky Strike no filter cigarettes, all available at the Heart Attack Grill!

As an added bonus to dining at this establishment, if you weigh in (at check-in) at 350 pounds or more – that’s just under 160 kilograms – you get to eat for free!