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Explore Australia with Scent

Australian-owned company, Sydney Fragrance, lovingly hand makes all its expertly crafted candles locally in a custom designed workshop in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

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Products are conceived and formulated by world class perfumers and designed by Jai Evans. They use only premium materials, from the highest quality glassware to premium soy-blended wax and cotton wicks.

The most recently launched range by Sydney Fragrance is ‘Scent of Australia’ – a collection comprising 10 expertly crafted candles evoking experiences and memories of Sydney, Australia.

Loved by both locals and visitors, the ‘Scent of Australia’ collection cleverly embodies the city’s most popular and beloved features from beaches and florists, to outback Australia and the scent of Australian ALPHA men.


The range of luxe soy-blend candles are stunningly set in contemporary translucent, white glassware and each lid is complemented with a woodgrain lid in being true to the Australian landscape. The understated glassware will suit any décor from beach chic to French provincial but, very importantly, is something the most masculine of males would be proud to have on display in their home.

“More so than any of our senses, the sense of smell has the power to evoke emotion. A scent can transport you back to a moment in time; fleeting, fragrant and almost forgotten,” said Creative Director, Jai Evans of Sydney Fragrance.

The Scent of Australia collection showcases Sydney in all her glory, from the burnished beaches to lush bushland. For those who have experienced Sydney’s style, these fragrances will transport you to a time and place to evoke emotion. And for those yet to visit: a sensorial escape, a tantalizing taste of what could be.

”Sydney is one of the world’s most stunning and eclectic cities. It has been my home and my heart for more than 35 years and the inspiration for so many of my creative ideas. I’m so proud to have captured its spirit, for those near and far to enjoy,” said Evans.

Relive the delight of sidewalks blazing with colour with the Sydney FLORIST candle, a happy uplifting fragrance inspired by a Sydney ritual of choosing bouquets to brighten your favourite spaces with notes of fresh grass, freesia and hyacinth.

Calm your mind with the inimitable Australian bush aromas encased in HEARTLAND, relax with the elegance wafting from OPERA, or in contrast, the unique ALPHA creation which possesses the sort of invigorating aroma of vitality and freshness of the Australian man.

These delightful candles will fill your home with memories as well as delightful fragrance – they are a true delight to burn whether you have been a visitor to Sydney or a long time resident.


ALPHA – Inspired by Alpha Men of Australia Notes: Grapefruit, Cedarwood & Amber

SUNRISE – Inspired by Bondi Sunrise Notes: Lime Zest, Driftwood & Coconut

SUNSET – Inspired by Sydney Sunset Notes: Coconut, Musk & Sunburnt Sand

SUMMER – Inspired by Sydney Summer Notes: Mojito, Lemon & Vanilla Orchid

OPERA – Inspired by Sydney Opera Notes: Orange Blossom, Gardenia & Jasmine

FLORIST – Inspired by Sydney Florist Notes: Fresh Cut Grass, Freesia & Hyacinth

FIRESIDE – Inspired by Country Fireside Notes: Vetiver, Leather & Woodsmoke

LUNA – Inspired by Luna Park Notes: Vanilla, Cream Candies & Caramel

WONDERLAND – Inspired by Blue Mountains Notes: Apple, Mountain Water & Moss

HEARTLAND – Inspired by Australian Bush Notes: Finger Lime, Flannel Flower & Eucalyptus


Sydney Fragrance Double Wick Soy Blend Candles with up to 80 hours burn time – RRP $39.95.