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Ensure daily vitamins in a refreshing and delicious way


by Holly Scaunich

Health foods seem to be all the rage these days. The supermarkets are over flowing with seeds, powders and vitamins to add into drinks. Karma Water has taken the fuss out of figuring out what you need. Using water and a varied selection of additives, this is a nutrient rich water to assist in any healthy lifestyle.

Providing up to 100% of the recommended intake of vitamins like b3,B6, B12, Niacin, C, E, A and D, and available in three flavours Karma Water has taken all the essential daily vitamins and made it so easy to get the appropriate every day amount. Orange Mango, Pomegranate Green Tea and Acai Pomberry are all super delicious flavours that take plain H2O and turn it into a treat.

Karma Wellness Water stores the nutrition in the cap until you infuse the vitamins moments before consumption.   All you have to do is peel off a label and push the cap into the bottle and shake. It’s so simple.

Said to hold up to six times more active nutrients than competing brands, I liked that the vitamins are fully absorbed into the water – there is nothing worse than drinking something that has powdery residue floating in it.

Sweetened with just a drop Stevia and pure sugar cane, the Karma Wellness Waters carry 90 per cent less sugar than other functional beverages. Each 600mL bottle is low in sodium and is free of any preservatives. The drink is significantly healthier than other vitamin drinks, only containing 22 calories, rather than 200 calories. It is heart healthy, diabetic friendly and is lactose and gluten free.

If you are in search of vitamin water then the Karma Water would definitely be my first choice, and at the cost of $3.95 to $4.45, it is a very affordable option compared to many other vitamin waters on the market.

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