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Crack be gone!


by Carol Sheridan

I think it has happened to all of us at some stage – you turn around and your eyes nearly burned out because of the dreaded ‘plumbers crack’.

C’mon guys, it’s not that hard. I know that many of you work in an environment that is not quite the ‘suit and tie’ place, and I understand that your work can involve a lot of bending and reaching, but, no matter who you are, having your derriere hanging out of your pants is just not a good look.

More than not being a good look, it is in poor taste and it really makes others turn away cringing in disgust.

I understand that a belt simply isn’t practical in the kind of work a ‘tradie’ does, but there are other options, and some of these options are good enough to provide a seamless transition from the construction site to after-hours drinks.


A new urban styled collection is designed to fill the growing demand from the fashion conscious new-aged man who is looking for garments that are fashionable and functional.

The ELEVEN Workwear Combat Cargo and ELEVEN Workwear Super Easy Stove Pipe Pants remain true to the ELEVEN Workwear collection being designed to give more style, comfort, function and value to the tradesman, home handyman, DIY’er and gardener alike.

“The old stereotype of the plumber’s crack is long gone as we see a shift in demographics within the blue collar workforce. The modern man thinks about their appearance and are looking for fashionable designs which combine modern styling with workwear durability,” says Leigh Eam, ELEVEN Workwear’s Designer.


The new Combat Cargo and Super Easy Stove Pipe Pants are a slim fit with stretch, designed for work but with a contemporary style. The fabrics have built-in stretch that is prewashed for comfort. Both pants feature contoured legs, a lower waist, multi-function pockets in all the right places including a deep pocket for a mobile and internal zip pocket for wallet. And for durability the pants feature a triple stitched crotch gusset, reinforced slanted back hip pockets, extra strong belt loops and a hardy work fabric.

“Our goal is to make workwear that is 11 out of 10. We want to bring style back to the worksite with purpose built practical fashion which includes ergonomically designed functionality,” Eam adds.

So guys, do yourselves (and us) a favour and put on a little ‘sexy’ with ELEVEN’s Super Easy stove Pipe Pants (RRP – AU$69.95) or Combat Cargo Stove Pipe Pants (RRP AU$74.95)

ELEVEN Workwear is available from RSEA Safety stores or online at or from