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A treat for the health-conscious chip lover

SIMPLY 7 SNACKS is passionate about making all-natural products for the health-conscious consumer.

They have no artificial ingredients or preservatives, are non-genetically modified, have up to 50 per cent less fat than potato chips and are perfect for vegetarians or people on a kosher diet.

These nibblies are delicious and not at all bland that many ‘healthier’ options in snack food can be. They are lightly flavoured, with a pinch of salt, there is no fatty or greasy taste, they are super crunchy, and it is just too easy to devour a pack by yourself.

4oz Barbeque Quinoa Chips

Simply 7 Snacks come in a variety of flavours – Hummus Sea Salt, Lentil Sea Salt, Quinoa Cheddar, Quinoa Barbeque, Hummus Roasted Red Pepper and Jalapeno Lentil Chips and are available at Coles and IGA grocery stores around Australia.

RRP AU$5.99