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A perfect beer for Summer

Melbourne, Australia: Highly-regarded craft brewer, Hawthorn Brewing, has released its latest Summer thirst quencher, Summer Witbier.

The new brew is the second release from Hawthorn’s Brewshed Collection, which kicked off with the hugely successful release ‘Red Rye Hand’ red ale.

Hawthorn Summer Witbier is a Belgian-style white beer with a citrus spice twist and a dry finish.

Witbier_brew_day_Jan16 (002) 1

The Hawthorn Brewery crew relax on brew day after creating a limited batch of Summer Witbier.

Made from a combination of wheat and rolled oats, the high percentage of wheat ensures a dense white head whilst the rolled oats impart a smooth mouthfeel. It is fermented with a wheat yeast strain and unfiltered, which results in a cloudy pale straw appearance.

The spice mix includes coriander seeds and cardamom pods from India, bitter orange peel from Belgium, lemon rind from the Mornington Peninsula and hops and malts from Germany. All these combine to create a complex fruit and spice flavour.

Low in bitterness from a light hopping of Hallertau hops and with a dry and slightly tart finish, Summer Witbier is highly refreshing and perfect beer for the summer months.

HBC_Summer Witbier_Front_100mm

Summer Witbier is an all-natural beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. A versatile beer to pair with food, try serving with seafood, white meats and anything spicy; or equally enjoy-able on its own. It is best poured in a narrow glass.

The brew is a limited release, single batch. It is available in 50l kegs (D style spears).