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A Modern Italian Table – The Bible of Italian Cooking

There is no need to eat a lot. The key is to eat well and with awareness. This is the teaching that was handed down to me by my parents since childhood and this is the philosophy of my books. Veronica Lavenia

When I think of Italian cooking I think of delicious creamy and garlicky pastas, brightly coloured fresh produce, pizza, cassata, lasagne and all of those other traditional style foods this vibrant country has become famous for.

In my mind, if I was to visit Italy, I would sit at an outdoor café and have a waiter walk by me carrying a massive platter of spaghetti and meatballs. While I am sure this still happens, Italy, like the rest of the world, has evolved in its eating style and has moved to a healthier type of cuisine.

A Modern Italian Table Front COVER HIRES

A Modern Italian Table is a new cook book which highlights how to recreate the healthy and delicious dishes of a modern Italian kitchen quickly and effortlessly. Author, Veronica Lavenia, shares her personal experiences of the Italian way of life and creates fresh, nutritious, and accessible meals for the entire family.


Veronica Lavenia

Born and raised in Italy, surrounded by the thriving culture and spirit of Sicily, Veronica’s love for travel, food and a passion for cooking organic, sustainable food was passed down by her parents. Sustainability, seasonality, and selection of raw materials (as much as possible local, organic and unrefined) are the basis of Veronica’s food philosophy. Veronica believes that home cooking is an instrument of culture, knowledge and education and that knowing the ingredients, their seasonality and origin, means to cook in a conscious way.

p. 138 buckwheat with capers

Buckwheat with Capers and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Pesto

Carrot and Red Orange Soup

Carrot and Red Orange Soup

The recipes in A Modern Italian Table are well laid out, easy to follow and require ingredients that are easily sourced. They are also contemporary, uncomplicated and plant based with the majority being Vegetarian and Vegan – a bright, light and pleasing change from most other Italian cook books I have read.

Cherry Tomatoes with Soft Cheese in Puff Pastry

Cherry Tomatoes with Soft Cheese in Puff Pastry

Cocoa Carrot Cookies with Pistachios

Cocoa Carrot Cookies with Pistachios

From sweet breakfasts to versatile appetizers and family friendly snacks, Veronica’s recipes will bring the taste and aroma of modern Italy to your own kitchen table. Freshness and seasonality are the basis for the book as well as a philosophy of eating with awareness.

This beautifully natural and organic book brings home cooking back to its core, combining contemporary ingredients with an ancient culinary heritage for a modern table.

A Modern Italian Table – The Bible of Italian Cooking by Veronica Lavenia is available at all good book stores and at – RRP AU$29.99

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by Carol Sheridan