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Zonin on the rocks

The hot weather has finally hit in Melbourne (for today anyway), but already the rest of Australia is experiencing some lovely hot and sunny days. Typically, in Australia, the hot weather coincides with party season and while we are still a few weeks away from celebrating Christmas and New Year ’s Eve, parties and celebrations are already in full swing, and when it comes to celebrating, we turn to icy cold drinks to make a toast, sip slowly to cool ourselves down or just as a bit of a treat.


Prosecco has become incredibly popular in Australia in the last couple of years with it gracing many an outdoor celebration such as picnic or barbeque, but now, Zonin, Italy’s leading prosecco brand in Australia, have launched Zonin Ice, a whole new way for Aussie prosecco lovers to enjoy this sparkling wine in summer.

In contrast to Zonin’s traditional Italian Prosecco, Zonin Prosecco Ice is fruitier with hints of honey and produced to drink on the rocks! Zonin Ice should be served in a large and round stem wine glass half filled with ice.

First launched in Europe over their 2016 summer, Zonin Prosecco Ice is already hugely popular as a fashionable aperitivo for afternoons with friends before going out to dinner. The stylish drink has a slightly rounder taste, which is spectacular when served over ice and Zonin winemakers suggest you also add a slice of lemon or lime to intensify the freshness.


Prosecco Ice is fruity and aromatic and has hints of jasmine, ripe golden apples and honey – the perfect drink for the hot weather, especially when served over ice.

This delightful drink pairs perfectly with appetizers and seafood, but also works really well with desserts and fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.


Since 1821, eight generations of the Zonin family have dedicated their lives to wine-making and Zonin is proud to produce 150 prestigious varieties of wine across its nine Italian estates. The Zonin business is the largest private wine growing and wine company in Italy and is considered to be one of the most significant in Europe. The company however, conserves its authenticity with the headquarters of the Zonin family and ancestral home still located in the Italian oasis of Gambellara in a province of Vicenza to this day.

“Consumption of Prosecco in Australia is still on the rise in 2016 and we are very excited to be the first prosecco to introduce an Ice collection into the Australian sparkling wine category,” stated Vice President and part of the Zonin family’s seventh generation, Francesco Zonin.

Zonin Ice is perfect to have with friends whilst entertaining this summer.

Available from BWS and Dan Murphys and has a RRP AU$12.99