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Your guide to oils

There is an old saying ‘oils aint oils’ and this saying remains true today.

Bring nature indoors and envelop yourself with the aromas of Natio’s new 100% pure and natural Essential Oil collection. Using the finest quality oils, carefully extracted from aromatic flowers and plants, the powerful selection communicates the life force and healing power of natural botanicals to rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Free from any synthetic fragrance, the complete range features pure Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Carrier Oils, Massage Oils, Home Scent Spray Mists, and quality accessories to inspire every mood, space and occasion. Diffuse at home to elevate the atmosphere of any room, blend with a luxurious Carrier Oil for gentle and effective beauty care, relax into a mood enhancing bath, ease away tension with a relaxation or sports massage, or spritz a soothing scent at the end of the day to drift into restful sleep.


Used over centuries for their multiple benefits, essential oils transmit the true beauty of the botanical world. The naturally potent, pure single oils are ideal for diffusing in a Natio Ultrasonic Essential Diffuser or Natio Ceramic Essential Oil Burner to help elevate the atmosphere of your home and bring nature indoors.

The purity of the natural plant extracts offer the most exquisite, complex and authentic aromas that synthetic fragrance cannot capture. Use the single oils individually or combine to create a unique and personal scent. Essential oils can be mixed with a conditioning Carrier Oil for nourishing, natural, aromatic skin, bath and body care.


Natio takes the guesswork out of mixing oils with eight carefully curated, mood elevating blends designed to rebalance the body and mind. Combining multiple pure essential oils, each blend will inspire your senses to help restore natural balance and wellbeing.

Available in Calm, Energy, Happy, Passion, Purify, Relax, Serene and Sleep.


It can also be confusing as to which oil is best for which purpose, so Natio has compiled a list of their new range of oils and how they can benefit you.

Bergamot – Fruity, joyous, refreshing and uplifting. Often used to help improve concentration, boost self-confidence and inner strength.

Lavender – Floral yet herbaceous. Often used to promote calmness, harmony and spiritual healing.

Lemon – Fruity and purifying. Often used to help stimulate the senses and support clarity of thought and overall awareness.

Lemongrass – Fresh, herbal and energising. Often used to help cleanse the mind, concentrate and focus.

Lemon Myrtle – Unisex and very uplifting. Smooth and rich lemon scent often used for refreshing and relaxing properties.

Lime Cold Pressed – Fresh and zesty. Often used to help promote alertness and assertiveness.

orange blossom

Orange Sweet – Happy, fruity and zesty. Often used for its warming and energising properties.

Patchouli – Warm and leafy. Often used to help ground, sooth and enhance self-confidence.

Peppermint – Leafy and herbaceous. Often used to help clarify, stimulate and awaken.

Ylang Ylang – Floral and stimulating. Often used to boost self-confidence and enthusiasm.

The Natio range of 100 per cent pure, natural essential oils come in 10ml bottles with prices ranging from $12.95 to $24.95 (Lavender, Orange Sweet, and Peppermint are also available in 25mls)