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WOW is all I can say

Cirque Africa has hit Melbourne


by Carol Sheridan.

In the last 12 months I have seen some absolutely incredible circus performances and I have to say, the circus I saw last night was right up there with the best of them.

Cirque Africa has a cast that is made up of 38 of Africa’s finest contortionists, clowns and more. While the core of the cast hail from Tanzania, the show draws influence from the musical cultures of Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gambia and Zimbabwe.

The performers have the same incredible and amazing skills as those from better known circus troupes, but there is something a little different about this circus. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes it different, but it is extra special. Maybe it’s the beautiful African costumes, maybe it’s the heart thumping African music or maybe it’s just the talented cast and performance overall.

Every member of the performance appeared to be super happy, exuberant and excited; they were smiling and welcoming, I felt like you were the only spectator under the big top and that the cast were performing just for me.

Their skills of balance, strength, timing, dexterity and the choreography of the routines was awe inspiring and had me exhausted from smiling, laughing and clapping my hands. The contortionists had me sitting back in my seat, not exactly sure what I was looking at – it was the most amazing contortion performance I have ever seen and I am not sure if I am still horrified at what some human bodies can do!

It is a show that I can give you the 100 per cent guarantee – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

It’s not often that I will give a standing ovation, but I did for Cirque Africa – I did not want the show to end. Well done to this super talented team of performers.