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Work in or near the heart of Melbourne?

Lunch time can become really humdrum when you have limited time. You tend to leave your office, go to the usual coffee shop downstairs, rush down your food, then back to work, quite often not even having anywhere near your allowed lunch time. Or for some, you are too busy with work that you are eating on the run, rushing from job to job with a sloshing coffee or wrestling with a burger while you are driving.


Generally, the time allocated for lunch breaks has been worked out regarding employee’s health and not for the employers needs as you might think. It is important stop work, take your full break, enjoy it, relax and give your mind and body a break.

If you work in Melbourne, or happen to be close by for the day, your lunchtime choices are nearly endless, but here are a few that might inspire you to even jump on a train or tram to visit.

Tetsujin – 287 Lonsdale Stree, Melbourne

Tetsujin Emporium

The modern and minimalist décor instantly brings a sense of serenity to the busy city worker. It also has a great selection of sushi and meat sets to match. Think Wagyu, Angus beef, pork belly and seafood!


With the built-in Robata grill on the table, you can literally “put some shrimp on the barbie”. An ideal location to entertain clients and catch up with friends over lunch break. Tetsujin is also the perfect place for a ‘power lunch’ – the cocktails are not to be missed (thought probably not at lunchtime) – try the Mt Fuji Fury with Nikka whiskey, grapefruit and orange.

With all sushi costing only $3.30 each, it is a great option if you are on a tight budget too.

Jimmy Grants – 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Jimmy Grants Souvlaki

Greece’s top street food souvlaki is also one of the best comfort foods. Head to Jimmy Grants for a serious mental fatigue fix and pair it with a bowl of fresh salad. The souvlaki satisfy the cravings and the vegetables are gentle on the digestive system. If carbs is the only cure for you, its famous chips with garlic oil, feta and oregano will sure do the trick.

Emporium Melbourne – 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne

Work has fried your brain and you don’t have any brain-space left to contemplate what to have for lunch. Take your pick at Emporium Melbourne’s food court has slowly grown into a culinary destination. Within minutes of walking distance from many major corporate buildings, it is a go-to if you ever have trouble deciding what to have for lunch. From Chinese signature street food Bing Boy, Melbournian favourite I Love Pho to fancy sandwiches joint EARL, you will find something that will keep you going for the rest of the day.

Don Don – 198 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

don don

A cult favourite – Don Don has helped many city workers and uni students survive through that last $10.00. With meals starting from $6.00, it is no wonder that it has remained extremely popular over the years. The budget friendly bento box is packed with all essentials – meat, veggie, rice and some fruit.

So remember, wherever you decide to take your lunch break, plan ahead and don’t leave it for the last minute rush and shovel down food. Take that full break, rest your mind and body from the stresses of work, and treat your tummy to something delicious.