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48 days and counting down…

We haven’t even started 2020 yet, but don’t say you haven’t been forewarned – there is no excuse to get it wrong!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, flowers, in particular roses, are a much treasured gift. But have you ever wondered why roses are so special?

Strong symbolism is attached to these beautiful flowers and red roses have stood the test of time across different cultures and always represent beauty, love and romance.

In the nineteenth century, Victorians sent, or delivered, bouquets to deliver messages to their love interest, but cultivation of the garden rose dates back 5,000 years to eastern Asia. During Roman times, they were grown in the Middle East and used as perfume and medicine, but it wasn’t until the late 1700s that they were grown in Europe.

There is more than the flower itself that is the expression of love, the colour of the flowers has a big meaning too.

For Flowers Across Melbourne, Valentine’s Day is probably the busiest time of year. They have the luckiest job of delivering bouquets of gorgeous, fresh blooms across Melbourne daily. They are a premier online florist delivering fresh, premium quality flower arrangements, plants and hampers.

Nadina Hughes, Chief Flower Officer at Flowers Across Melbourne, told us the meaning behind the bunch of roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that the colour of roses can imply different meanings, whether consciously or unconsciously, by the sender of the bouquet? If you want to know what he really thinks about you, keep reading as I have some interesting secret florist facts I’d like to share, including the very surprising two rose rule.

When you receive a bunch of red roses the majority of us know that this a classic way to say ‘I love you’. If he hasn’t said the words yet and you receive a dozen crimson red roses, or even a solitary red rose you’re in luck, he’s definitely into you!

However, beware the pink rose! Pink roses often signify lust, so if you’re looking for a long-termer he may not be the one. He may not be thinking about you in the way you want him to be, but he is totally into you, it might just be a little early in the relationship to be going to an extravagant bunch of red roses. I’m not saying he’s a commitment-phobe, but a bouquet of pink roses can definitely say “I’m not in it for the long haul!”

Yellow roses, or flowers, mean happiness and joy. Yellow flowers are all about friendship. At Flowers Across Melbourne the biggest buy last year was the sunflower bouquet. People can’t get enough of the vivid hues and it’s such a great way to make someone’s day, say sorry, cheer someone up or simply to say, ‘thinking of you’.

And white or cream roses? White is often used at weddings and is super popular right now. White signifies purity and innocence. It also symbolises new beginnings, a perfect pick for a wedding. White flowers and roses are also a beautiful way to show remembrance.

Have you ever seen novelty roses? Florists are a clever ‘bunch’ and can now use techniques to get your flowers whatever colour you like. Another top ten purchase on the Flowers Across Melbourne website last year were rainbow roses, which were snapped up by both men and women. We find that women love sending flowers to their partners, however, pink and red are deemed a little too traditionally girly. Sending novelty roses are more fun, eye-catching and a real talking point.

If he’s gone for peach flowers, he’s super old school and likes a bit of vintage or the granny vibe. He’s totally on trend. This hue shows he’s grateful for something you’ve done and wants to show his appreciation. If you’re a mum, he’s super thankful for all you do and you’re a lucky lady!

What about the number of roses he picked?

On Valentine’s Day we assemble and send out over 15,000 stems of roses. Our most expensive bouquet is the One Hundred Reasons bouquet which is 100 crimson roses. Getting one hundred roses means you’ve got someone who is super into you and he’s not afraid to splash his cash for the woman he loves!

A single rose of any colour depicts the utmost devotion. Two roses entwined together says “marry me”, six roses signify a need to be loved or cherished and thirteen roses mean you have a secret admirer on your hands.

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