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Ultimate Wildlife Destinations

by Samantha Wilson

In a world where bucket list activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are more possible than ever before, it is the wilds of the natural kingdom and its majestic and often eccentric inhabitants that fuel the wanderlust. While African safaris might have long lured early explorers to witness first hand lions and elephants, giraffes and rhinoceros, today the opportunities to see animals in their natural environments spans the globe far beyond the kings of the jungles and plains.

From tracking jaguars in Brazil to swimming with whale sharks in Honduras, hiking in Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains in search of European brown bears to cruising the Azores to spot blue whales, the opportunities for exploration and adventure are endless.

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Author, Samantha Wilson, was born in the UK but grew up on the sunny island of Mallorca. Born to two globe-trotting parents, travel came as second nature to her and after completing a degree in archaeology at Exeter University she set off to travel the world, and hasn’t stopped since. Her journeys have taken her from the Northern Lights of the Arctic to the wild lands of Patagonia to the remote islands of Palau. She has inter-railed through Europe, canoed the Swedish lakes, camel –trekked the North African deserts and travelled the length and breadth of South and Central America. Samantha is passionate about travel, wildlife and animals, scuba diving (she is a qualified instructor), outdoor sports, cooking, conservation and the environment.

Who better than someone as well versed in travel, environment and the wonders of nature, to tell of the highlights and adventures you can experience as you tick ultimate wildlife destinations off your bucket list?

100 Polar bear Svalbard by Vladimir Melnik SS

Each chapter of this beautifully photographed book, Ultimate Wildlife Destinations, tells you where you can find the said creature and has images of the destination dancing through your mind as Samantha delightfully describes the surrounds. Her words will have you believing you are using a GPS to track the movements of the male giant panda in the towering mountains and dense forests of China, or in the oldest surviving French settlement in the Americas watching a congregation of up to 1,000 small chubby white whales.

50 Red crabs Christmas Island by Max Orchard

3 Whaleshark Utila by Dudarev Mikhail SS

100 carefully chosen destinations will take you on a journey across oceans and polar ice caps, rainforests and mountain peaks in search of the most astounding creatures on the planet.

And when your appetite for discovering and experiencing some of nature’s most beautiful creatures and destinations is fully whetted, Samantha tells you exactly how to get there and what other wildlife you may experience in the area.

Ultimate Wildlife Destinations by Samantha Wilson is a perfect addition the library of nature and animal lovers, environmentalists, travellers and children.

Published by New Holland Publishers Australia in paperback format

RRP $29.99

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