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Top Wildlife Sites of the World

By Will and Natalie Burrard-Lucas

The natural world never fails to amaze, with its beauty, ingenuity and magnificence. Over a million wildebeest migrating across the plains of the Serengeti in pursuit of rain, male Emperor Penguins huddling together for two months without food during the Antarctic winter to incubate their eggs, or hundreds of macaws gathering to eat clay on the banks of a river in Peru to neutralise the toxins in their diet are just some of the awe-inspiring phenomena that are taking place out there in the world we live in.

Brown bear fishing - USA Katmai National Park, Alaska

Brown Bear – Alaska

Will Burrard-Lucas is a professional wildlife photographer from the UK. His fascination with wildlife began in childhood when he was fortunate enough to spend some years living in Africa. His interest in wildlife has never waned and he has travelled extensively over the years to see and photograph creatures from all corners of the globe. On a quest for the perfect shot, he designs clever gadgets and gizmos to help him achieve fresh perspectives.

The wildebeest migration is an epic spectacle!

Wildebeest Migration

A lone Ethiopian Wolf patrolling its territory in the Web Valley.

A lone Ethiopian Wolf patrolling its territory in the Web Valley.

Will has spent years visiting far-flung corners of the world, capturing thousands of breathtaking images that represent the biological diversity that surrounds us on Earth. Will’s wife, Natalia Burrard-Lucas, is a doctor and also a keen writer. She shares Will’s wanderlust and joins him on many of his wildlife escapades and now the latest addition to the family, daughter Primrose, joins them on their travels.

Top Wildlife Sites of the World invites you to feel inspired by the places that have inspired Will with each breathtaking turn of the page.

Top Wildlife Sites of the World_FRNT CVR-HR

“It is hard to describe the excitement and sense of trepidation I felt as the foreboding volcanic peaks loomed up out of the water and my boat chugged slowly towards them. The island was shrouded in dark clouds and even the sea seemed to have turned black. It looked like a prehistoric land; a land fit for dragons.” – Page 63 speaking about Indonesia: Komodo National Park.

This beautifully photographed book covers more than 30 sites, each with a locator map, a fact file and an evocative account of what it’s like to go there, written by Natalie. Destinations range from Tasmania to Svalbard and from the Okavango Delta to Alaska.

This absolutely beautiful book is a must for wildlife lovers, travellers and photographers alike.

Hardback – RRP AU$35.00