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Time to muk around!


The weather is turning; leaves are beautiful colours and falling from the trees. The sun is sitting lower in the sky and those winter chills have crept in.

It’s time to rug up when we are outdoors and get all snuggly in our warm homes, but many experts say that the harsh weather outdoors and sudden changes in temperature that we put ourselves through going in and out of different environments can be a really bad enemy for our hair.

Blustery and icy winds, snow and rain can make our hair brittle. Wearing a hat for protection can cause static electricity and of course, don’t forget about sun exposure which can be really bad if you are on the icy slopes. Don’t for one minute think that staying indoors will keep your hair protected, constant indoor heating can wreak the same havoc on your hair that short term blow drying can.

Don’t wait until you have to repair your hair, take the time to protect it with quality products from muk.


Deep muk – 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment – RRP AU$24.95


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fat muk Volumising Blowout Mousse – adds volume and hold locking your style in place – perfect for fighting those winter winds – RRP AU$24.95

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