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The Shrinking Violet

Making changes is never easy but I hope if you take one thing away from this book, it’s a new approach and awareness of the foods that go into your body” – Elora Harré

Elora Harré, has been overweight almost her entire life and like many others, for much of her teenage years, the perfect ‘bikini body’ was simply a dream.

Armed with determination and a new attitude, Elora lost half her bodyweight and jumped into a world of fitness and nutritious food, she has lost over 55kg to date!

the-shrinking-violet_front-cover_hrThe Shrinking Violet is a delightful and easy to read book with the story being something most people who have struggled with being overweight will be able to relate to. Starting with the story of Elora’s childhood and the reasons she feels she gained weight in the first place, to the ‘aha’ moment when she realised what her body needed nutritionally, this book will have you inspired to follow and copy her journey.


With a great love for food, cooking, creating and shopping, Elora is passionate about helping others and wants all the information to be easy to find, simple to read and applicable to everyday life. Weight loss for her was something so daunting until she found out more about it – she wants to prove that it is do-able for everyone through the right lifestyle and hopes that this book can help them along the way.


The Shrinking Violet is an incredible story of one girl’s massive weight loss journey and includes delicious and easy-to-follow paleo recipes to help you on your own path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Published in hardback format, The Shrinking Violet retails for RRP AU$26.99