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The Queen of Chocolate launches into her fifteenth year

Sweet celebrations are underway at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School as Kirsten Tibballs and her team celebrate not only the school’s 15 year anniversary, but also the very exciting launch of Kirsten’s first app “Mix n’ Make”.

Having launched on Monday 19th June, the app reflects a new chapter for Savour School and showcases the new direction the industry is taking.

Mix n’ Make is designed for anyone who wants to hone in on their patisserie skills by offering plenty of tips, tricks and easy to follow recipes that users can create, share and print. Known as Australia’s Queen of Chocolate, Kirsten has spent months testing and developing an array of recipes exclusively for the app. There’s over a thousand variations of beautiful tarts, macarons and eclairs all with interchangeable flavours.

Users can create their own unique recipes, flavour combinations and even bespoke recipe books to keep in the kitchen. Among its many assets, the app also features a live action book where you can unlock a range of recipes and view the image of the final product so you know how it will look. Kirsten is also there to share her knowledge and guide users on their exciting patisserie journey, catering to a range of skill sets from beginner to advanced.

The move into the app world isn’t surprising given the international demand for Savour’s classes, both online and at the Brunswick school. Headed up by the world-renowned Kirsten, Savour has cemented its position as Australia’s preeminent patisserie school, having expanded into the virtual cooking world in 2014. “The industry is continually evolving and so is Savour, whether it’s new recipes, concepts and ideas,” said Kirsten Tibballs, Director of Savour. “I wanted to evolve digitally and offer people the opportunity to get creative with interchangeable flavours and patisserie products from the ease of their device, all while having fun.

MIX N’ MAKE WITH KIRSTEN TIBBALLS “Mix n’ Make” your way through hundreds of variations of patisserie products in a new and unique live recipe app, available for free!

COMBINE YOUR FAVOURITE FLAVOURS You want chocolate everything? Sure. How about passionfruit and coconut cream? No problem. When you “Mix n’ Make” you don’t have to conform to the classics. Make anything (and everything) that your taste buds desire. You’re a lemon and coffee person? We don’t judge, that’s cool with us!

CREATE, SAVE AND PRINT YOUR OWN RECIPE BOOK Love your work? Save your favourite creations in your very own recipe book for easy access. If you’re old school, you can even print a copy of your recipe to keep in your kitchen. Make these go-to recipes your signature creations at dinner parties. You’ll be an instant hit!

A LIVE ACTION RECIPE BOOK Change a macaron colour and voila, the recipe also changes colour. Change a beginner element to a complex element and you’ll see the difficulty level increase. Your recipes can be as easy, difficult, colourful or interchangeable as you want, with all changes in REAL TIME. Give it a go!

RECIPES DEVELOPED BY KIRSTEN TIBBALLS Beautiful tarts, macarons and eclairs created exclusively for the app by Kirsten Tibballs, world renowned and award winning celebrity pastry chef.

OVER 1,500 MACARON COMBINATIONS Mix over a thousand different variations, each macaron with their own unique names. Can you create Midnight Blue or the Irish Coffee macaron?

SHARE YOUR CREATIONS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS Drop a not-so-subtle hint to your loved one by sending your fabulous recipe to family and friends. We can’t guarantee they’ll make it for you, but it’s worth a shot, right?

RIGOROUSLY TRIED AND TESTED Kirsten and her team at the world renowned Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School have spent months testing and developing each combination of recipe. You can be assured that not only these recipes work perfectly, but of course, are also scrumdiddlyumptious to eat. Trust us, we’ve tasted everything!

GET VIDEO TIPS FROM THE ‘QUEEN OF CHOCOLATE’ Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Kirsten is here to help guide you on your patisserie journey, giving you tips and tricks to increase your skills and knowledge.

IMPERIAL OR METRIC BASED ON YOUR LOCATION How time consuming is it to download a recipe, only to have to use a unit converter to change all weights? In “Mix n’ Make” all the recipes are converted for you. Now you can use all that extra time to make even more products. You’re welcome.

UNLOCK NEW RECIPES AND LEVEL UP Want a challenge? Unlock more complex and advanced recipe combinations to create. You’ll be bona fide patisserie star in no time!

The launch of the Mix n’ Make app is the perfect way to celebrate 15 years of success and is a great way to bring a little taste of Savour to your kitchen!

View the Mix n’ Make trailer:

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