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The life and times of Ford Australia

Ford Australia FRONT HIRES

With the imminent demise of Australian vehicle manufacturing by the Ford Motor Company, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the significant contribution the company and its products have made to the nation. Ford Australia – the cars and the people who built them, by Michele Cook and Doug Wallace, does just that.

A magnificently presented, hard cover, coffee table style book, Ford Australia traces the company’s history from the first Australian-built model T, that came off an improvised production line in a disused Geelong wool store in 1925, to the latest imported Mustang, that has become the flagship of Ford’s new import strategy.

This book chronicles the 91 years in which Ford built cars in Australia for Australian conditions, and interviews many of the people who worked for the company. It constitutes the complete history of Ford production in this country, with many rare images and essential production statistics.

The story is told from the inside – material appearing in the book was originally compiled by Adrian Ryan, a Ford Public Affairs officer, who wanted to preserve the company’s rich history before co-authors Michele and Doug (also long-time Ford employees) became involved.

The initial chapters cover key periods in Ford’s history – the beginning, The Depression and World War II, with the following chapters broken up into decades.

Ford Australia is the perfect book for every Ford enthusiast, or indeed anyone with an affinity for cars or Australian industrial history.

Format: Hardback in Slipcase Silver Foil Cover


Publisher: New Holland Publishers