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The Last Wild Trout

Frontier Fishing from Tasmania to Iceland and Everywhere in Between - by Greg French

Fishing means many different things to many different people – passion, camaraderie, time to reflect in peace and quiet, a challenge to beat one of nature’s wild creatures and often a challenge to find remote and scenic habitats.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 5 million Australians fish, making fishing one of our most popular national pastimes.

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Reflecting on the complexity of humanity’s interactions with pristine natural environments and threatened fisheries, The Last Wild Trout is a reminder from one of the world’s best fishing writers – Greg French – of the beauty and importance of nature in all our lives.

Wild trout, one of the most genetically diverse and resilient animals in the world, are under threat. Accepted as a key indicator of the general health of a waterway and its ecosystem, wild trout’s declining numbers have environmental scientists and fishing folk extremely worried.

French has dedicated years to travelling the world, catching and releasing these intrepid creatures in their beautiful natural environments. He believes that without a passionate fishing community caring about their existence, wild trout, along with many other types of fish, don’t stand a chance of survival.

In The Last Wild Trout, French explores the last truly great and most coveted trout fisheries left on the planet in the hope that this will promote action on environmental conservation, deforestation and climate change. Roaming the final frontiers of trout fishing, he visits twenty locations including Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, the British Isles, Mongolia, Slovenia, British Columbia, Wyoming, California, Nevada and Hokkaido.

In his travels to track down varieties of salmonid, French describes the environments he finds himself in with such detail the reader feels as if they are there with him and are captured within his passion.

Each chapter deals with a unique species or subspecies of wild trout, and tells a compelling human narrative. Photo sections, conservation and taxonomy notes complete the picture in this unique book.

Published by Affirm Press in paperback format – 277 pages

RRP: $29.99