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The Italian way

Sharing a meal together with friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Serving food that you have prepared yourself is a joy; it has been prepared with love and that love shines through with every morsel tasted. Dining with friends and family is a welcoming and enjoyable way to eat and can also be economical as you can stretch a meal to feed many – it’s the Italian way of life.

Food for sharing Italian style_front coverHR

Food for Sharing Italian Style showcases recipes from Liliana Battle who grew up in a Southern Italian family where food was generally made by hand, grown from the land, and shared with others. After appearing on MasterChef, she published her popular debut cookbook Easy Home Cooking Italian Style, celebrating recipes passed down through her family. Liliana runs a catering business “Liliana’s Kitchen” and a food product range. Her passion is in teaching the art of making fresh pasta by hand.

Liliana Battle

Food for Sharing Italian Style includes traditional and modern-day interpretations of Italian dishes you will love. From pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, breakfasts, antipasti, pizzas, pies and tarts and show-stopping desserts, all these recipes can be mixed and matched and laid out on a table to make a mouth-watering display of food to share.

Beetroot Gnocchi with Pumpkin, Sage, Walnuts and Gorgonzola placed in the middle of a table that is surrounded by hungry guests will disappear before your very eyes as will Pasta e Ceci or Crispy Tuscan Pork Belly. Wow your guests even more with Black Farfalle with Chili Squid or Balsamic Steak Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions and Basil Aioli. Even a simple Bresaola Carpaccio with Rocket and Parmesan, a Grilled Zucchini Salad or even Honey Roasted Pears with Cheese will have your guests savouring every morsel with delight and praising your culinary skills.

Stained Glass Fritatta

Stained Glass Fritatta

Spaghetti Alla Pizzaiola

Spaghetti Alla Pizzaiola

So get your family and friends together, and in true Italian spirit cook up a storm and pile it in the centre of the table so that everyone can dig in. The enjoyment of sharing a meal together creates memories that last a lifetime.

Mascarpone Spatchcock Chicken with Roasted Garlic and Tomatoes

Mascarpone Spatchcock Chicken with Roasted Garlic and Tomatoes

Chocolate Pistachio Cannoli Cake

Sharing a meal together is important, but so is sharing the cooking. If you are the main cook in the house, encourage everyone to get in there with you..”

– Liliana Battle

Food for Sharing Italian Style by Liliana Battle is Published by New Holland Publishers in hardback format – RRP $45.00