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The higher the hair, the closer to God!


by Holly Scaunich.


Everyone likes mixing up their look and changing your hairstyle is no different to trying new fashions in clothing. Keeping this in mind Wella has launched a new range called EIMI to help everyone create a style and showcase their own sense of individuality.

Within the range there are 22 separate products all designed for different purposes, yet they work great together as well.

Choosing from the range is easy, it just depends on whether you are looking for wild texture, dazzling shine, a volume boost or sleek and smooth finish. However the basics of the line are 3 products that centre on volume, smoothness and texture.

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The saying ‘the higher the hair the closer to god’ comes to mind with volume. It is rare for a person to want hair that sticks flat to the scalp – we all seem to want a little body. The Root Shoot in the EIMI range does just this. With a very small nozzle designed to ‘shoot’ on specific areas of hair, it dispenses a lightweight, thin styling product similar to a liquid mousse. This is due to the Intelligent Care Complex designed to help detangle hair and provide moisture while giving a boost of shine and texture. While it doesn’t have the same high foam consistency as the traditional hair mousse, it does work in a similar way. I would describe the Root Shoot as the perfect boost for thicker hair that only needs a slight boost of volume or for those with super fine hair that want product that will not build up. Myself being the latter, I found it didn’t leave a crunch in my hair. However I didn’t get the typical volume I would with more foam based mousse products. It reminded me of a more natural day to day style rather than a styled voluminous look. Perfect for those with super fine hair or hair that needs very little assistance.

There are two specific style directions that everyone tends to follow – sleek and smooth, or textured. In simple terms I would say straight or curly. If you’re a straight hair lover then I would recommend you give the Flowing Form a go. Not only does it smell amazing and fresh but it will give smoothness to your hair that can be hard to achieve. One pump (to which I’ll quickly say that I’m loving the pump bottles) of the lightweight crème applied to wet hair before blow drying makes styling the hair so much easier – it helps detangle and stop any fizziness. Once dry, your hair will have a smoothness to it that wouldn’t be achieved naturally. The product gives your hair a natural hold and flexibility and if you straighten your hair it will look like a professional treatment achieved at home – amazing! I also love how the scent of this product lingers in your hair.

The other style that many seem to choose is texture. From bed head to curls the messier look, textured hair has been very popular over the last few years. Whether you have naturally curly hair or style it that way the Wella Pearl Styler helps achieve the look.

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The product is described as a gel but I would say it is more of water based crème as it doesn’t have that same wetness and tackiness that normal hair gel does. While I am less of a fan of the scent of this one I do enjoy the job that it does. Once I curl my hair I apply one pump and scrunch through the ends. The look that I get is messy beachy or bedhead waves. I don’t feel the product in my hair which I like because there’s nothing worse than crunchy curls. If your hair is naturally curly the Pearl Styler will define the curls even more, while holding down the frizz at the same time.

Even when applied to dry hair the Pearl Styler leaves your hair feeling great. Most products, when applied to dry hair, will give you that ‘crunch’ – I really appreciate that this product doesn’t. If you like more of a voluminous look then I would say use wet before the blow dry, especially with the Root Shoot. An easy to use product for those who want the texture and ‘mess’ without crunch or stiffness in their curls.

Overall, I must say as someone who has used many hair products and has very picky hair, I thoroughly enjoyed this range. Priced at $24.95 each they aren’t the cheapest products on the market, but I would definitely say that for how well they work that the price is spot on.

The Wella EIMI range has multiple products tailored to every individual style which will allow everyone to showcase great hair and create salon looks at home.