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The art of alcohol

Speakeasy – an illicit liquor shop or drinking club

It’s dark, moody and it’s hidden behind an unidentified door in one of Melbourne’s laneways.

Eau de Vie is one of Melbourne speakeasy style establishments where cocktails are science, art and theatrics, as well as being totally delicious.

If you can find the entrance, which is not the easiest thing to do, but very fitting for the 1920s US Prohibition era, you will find that Eau de Vie is a cosy space that is tastefully decorated and abounds with mood and atmosphere. Dark enough to be mysterious, but bright enough to see what you are eating and drinking as well as the people you are there with – the whole place, including the staff, exudes class and mystery.

The staff members are well dressed, laid back, friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to mixing alcohol and presenting your drink to you. The theatrics involved in the service of some cocktails is mesmerising and I dearly wished I could have stayed longer to eat, drink and see more.

If good drinks, excellent service, moody vibe and a lively atmosphere is what you are after, find your way to Eau de Vie – I will certainly be back!

Eau de Vie – 1 Malthouse Lane –

by Carol Sheridan