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Thai Food Sensation

Thai food is delicious and satisfying, sometimes very hot and spicy too. Discover how to make it in your own kitchen by using traditional Thai spices, ingredients and methods in Thai Food Sensation.

Having visited Thailand and falling in love with the culture and history, Chef Shayne Austin, author of Thai Food Sensation, has divided the dishes in this beautiful book as they are traditionally eaten in Thailand: morning dishes, daytime street food and snacks, and night time cooked-to-order meals. Shayne’s love for Thai cuisine came from his extensive travels throughout Asia, and from family recipes passed down through his Thai wife’s family.

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The book opens with information about Thailand, its history and religion, before delving into the cooking styles and ingredients required to achieve authentic Thai flavours.

Shayne discusses the importance of Thai grilling, an essential cooking form that has been with the Thai culture for decades and gives advice on buying the right grill and/or charcoal smoker.

A comprehensive recipe list of ‘basics’ that are used in this style of cooking, from Boiled Salted Duck Egg, Oyster Omelet, Palm Sugar Caramel and Roti precede another comprehensive list of recipes for relishes and dipping sauces that are very popular in this culture.

Recipes for stocks and pastes, including yellow, green and mussaman curry pastes, are easy to follow with step by step instructions and advice on making them more or less hot/spicy depending on your tastes.

Beautifully photographed, this book covers the basic and more involved meals and gives recommendations on and how they should be served and presented. An extremely broad variety of main meals is presented from Dry Red Shrimp and Bug Curry, Crisp Pork Belly with Morning Glory to Spicy Minced Chicken Salad. The book also provides recipes for Thai desserts such as Banana and Sticky Rice with Caramelized Coconut and drinks such as Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee.

Thai Food Sensation provides a full glossary of Thai ingredients as well as a chapter about Thai Nightlife and the role cuisine takes in Thai culture.

Published by New Holland Publishers, Thai Food Sensation is in hardback format and retails at RRP $45.00