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Tastebud detectives unite

Pringles launch first-ever Mystery Flavour in Australia

I received a personal letter from Mr P – otherwise known as – Mr Pringles!

While I understand that this information is only for the ‘select few’ I couldn’t help myself – I need to share…

I have my pack but so far I can’t quite pick what the flavour is – bring on the clues

G’day Australia. It’s Mr P here and I’m back with a Pringles Down Under exclusive!

Who doesn’t love a good mystery, let alone solving one! We just can’t resist unleashing our inner detective to chip, chip, chip away at the clues…but this time, there’s a new mystery on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

The team and I have been busying ourselves in the kitchen, testing, eating, testing again to create the most intriguing, puzzling flavour we possibly could. And we’ve done it! We’ve created our brand new Mystery Flavour.  Which in my mind, is mind-blowing.

But my lips are sealed, I simply cannot divulge any more information. We’re not even revealing the flavour to the Pringlers in our head office, it’s top secret.  And let me tell you, there have been some heated debates about what the flavour could be. Battle lines have been drawn, bets have been placed and now we’re throwing down the gauntlet to you. So come on, give it try, give it a guess. What is #MysteryFlavourAU?

Eat the chips, have a crack and if you get it right, you could be in to win $10,000.

To enter, all you need to do is:

  • Try the Mystery Flavour Pringles
  • Find the first clue (psst… it’s written on your Mystery Flavour can!)
  • Look out for the six clues being released over the next 12 weeks on the Pringles Down Under Facebook

To trace the mystery case… I mean can, head to supermarkets across Australia from Friday 1 March where you can take one home for $3.99 RRP.

Try them, share them and hit me up on Facebook for more clues. I can’t wait to see who cracks this mystery.

Back to me now – good luck everyone!

by Carol Sheridan