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Sweeter, Juicer Summer Lips

So, summer is all about sun kissed skin, bikinis, beaches and salty hair – well, it is for those who feel they can ‘fit the bill’.

For me, summer is all about beautiful warm weather, fresh fruit and salads and catching up and having some fun with friends, but also protecting myself against that often harsh sun.



Blistex has released their brand new Melon Happy Lips with SPF15 to help protect your lips from those harsh elements, but the scent will have you thinking you are on a tropical island even if the sun isn’t boring down on you. Lift the lid on this lipstick style container and you will be hit with a blast of fresh fruit scent.



Along with the Strawberry and Mango flavours, Blistex Happy Lips Melon has a super smooth formula made with moisturisers and Vitamin E to keep your lips super soft. It is not high gloss, which is great for me, I hate that drippy look some balms and lip glosses have – it leaves your lips with a very natural looking sheen.


It’s the sweet, juicy burst of flavour you need to make you totally ready for fun in the sun. If you’re looking for something to get you in the mood for summer and protect your lips from sun damage, you need to add this to your collection, stat!

At RRP of AU$3.95 per pack you can afford to have every flavour and treat yourself to a Blistex fruit salad.

Blistex Happy Lips is the new summer essential you should never leave the house without!