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So Lucio!

Nothing represents the future better than the present fashion trends, where roles are swapped and sensuality becomes purity, rationality and feeling. New generations that seem to have come from a far-away planet.

From 25th to 27th February 2017 a special installation is going to debut at WHITE, a tribute to designer Lucio Costa, who died prematurely and whose brand is being revived thanks to Roberto Pelizzoni, his partner and creative director, who has curated the archive, a source of inspiration not only for the new course of the brand, but also for the new generation of designers.

For the three days of the show the installation SO LUCIO! will be protagonist in the spaces of My Own Gallery, Tortona 27, with an excursus among garments and images eliciting a strong emotional impact. The project – curated by Roberto Pelizzoni – draws inspiration from the homonymous book about the personal and professional path of Lucio Costa through a selection of articles, fashion shows images and shots of his creations since 1987, year of his international debut, to 2012, year of his death.

On show at My Own Gallery in Milan, the new capsule collection consisting of special fabric garments, outwear and outfits dedicated to the 2017-18 Autumn/Winter.

Last but not least, the book curated by Alice Gentilucci and the shooting with Soo Joo Park and Federico Garibaldi’s pics. A story told through a collection of articles by the most authoritative journalists, like Giusi Ferrè, Renata Molho, Gisella Borioli, Cinzia Brandi, Dominique Muret and Matteo Ceschi, critic and journalist, who has drawn up a historical and social cross-section of Milan in the ‘80s.