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Schwarzkopf Magic

Schwarzkopf Professional continues to provide us with miracles for hair. Their latest must have products in the luxury range include BC Oil Miracle Mists for both light and thick hair, a BC Oil Miracle Light Shampoo, and the salon exclusive BC Oil Miracle Warming Treatment.

BC OM Oil Mist Thick 100ml 1

BC Oil Miracle Mists

While many oil products leave the hair looking wet and stringy after application, BC Oil Miracle Mist envelopes the hair with a hint of luxurious, nourishing care that repairs damage and protects strands from root to tip. The Micro-Dispersion Technology allows the hair to dry faster than other hair oils, giving weightless shine and instant dry hair feeling.

BC OM Oil Mist Fine 100ml 1

BC Oil Miracle Light Shampoo

Fine haired gals rejoice – BC Oil Miracle Light Shampoo has a unique action especially designed for you! The Micro Emulsion Technology allows a high level of oil to work with the hair without adding the weight traditionally associated with oils. Micro-fine droplets of oil only go where they are needed, filling those pesky porous gaps and smoothing out any roughness. All this with a shiny, tangible softness added to the hair makes it an essential for the beauty regime.

BC OM LightOil Shampoo 30ml Fine 1

Salon Exclusive: BC Oil Miracle Warming Treatment

In a salon exclusive, Schwarzkopf Professional has introduced a warming pre-shampoo treatment that has an immediate restorative effect, smoothing and nourishing hair leaving it frizz-free and perfect for any up-do or blow dry.

BC OM WarmingTreatment 10ml 1

Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Oil Miracle adds a hint of luxury while working miracles in hair – producing weightless, beautiful hair with an incredible shine.


On shelf now – RRP: Oil Mists 39.95; Light Shampoo $29.95; Warming Treatment 12x10ml $54.45.