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Same same but different different

I don’t understand why it’s big news when a celebrity wears an outfit for a second time. It’s nothing new to most of us; in fact, it often seems that it should be newsworthy when we are wearing something new!

I have had times where I find that special dress that fits absolutely perfectly, it is flattering, fashionable and makes me feel a million dollars, so I want to buy it in every colour. The same with shoes, perfect fit, comfortable, fashionable, and they also make me feel a million dollars. Again, I want to buy them in every colour available.

In a perfect world I think we would all do this, but this is the real world, and for the majority of us budgetary restraints prohibit us spending so much. It’s time to get smart, time to rethink our wardrobes and buy pieces that can be converted into many different looks, pieces that will ultimately save us time, wardrobe space and above all, money.

Ultimate Black Dress (high neck)

Sacha Drake, leading Australian designer and creator of the internationally famous Ultimate Black Dress (the dress you can wear 20 ways) and the Grecian Convertible Dress (the dress you can wear over ten ways) agrees, “Not everyone has the budget or the room in their wardrobe to have 20 little black dresses so we have designed a range of high end quality garments that have multiple wearing options so you will not only feel fabulous in a beautiful dress but also have a cost effective solution every time you feel like wearing something new”.

Tam Wrigley, television host and stylist, says it’s not just in the dress department you can find a convertible, there are also ways to indulge your foot fetish. “We all have a bit of Imelda Marcos in us, however now there are options to maximise your shoe style on a budget”.

Stylist Michelle Noordink, who is the Creator and Founder of Australia’s latest shoe craze Conf3ss shoes, says her new range enables you to create thousands of shoe styles and colours when buying one shoe and all for under $100.


“The reason why the Conf3ss range is doing so well is because it is like a nirvana for the shoe collector, with four beautifully-crafted basic styles and a riotously colourful assembly of snappy interchangeable straps, you can create hundreds of different looks with just one pair of shoes and a handful of straps”.


“Convertible items will mean you can follow the fashion fads but also create looks that are classic and cool,’ just think what that will mean for your budget, one LBD and one pair of shoes that go with any social occasion will revolutionise your wardrobe and save you hundreds of dollars”, says Tam.

It’s time to convert, parade your champagne taste without needing to spending more than your beer budget allows.