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Russian flutters

With everyone from Beyonce and Kim Kardashian opting for Russian Volume lash extensions, it’s no wonder the trend is on an upward trajectory for 2017. And when it comes to the service itself, Melbourne- based salon Buff & Co Lashes and Beauty is pioneering the trend.

Jessica Bluff

Hailed as the leading lash artist, proclaimed as the ‘lash magician’ and touted as the ‘eye transformation scientist’, salon owner Jessica Buff has developed a name that speaks volumes and deservedly so.

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Jessica has taken the lash extension application to new heights, with her signature Russian Volume lash service, making her artistry unrivalled.

Russian Volume

Jessica’s devout passion for creating the perfect faux lashes to complement and accentuate all individual facial features stems from a joyful childhood watching her mother service beauty clients and making a difference in women’s lives.

Since entering the beauty industry almost 10 years ago, Jessica has earned herself an impressive portfolio of clients ranging.

Jessica adapts her technique to each of her client’s needs, paying close attention to their eye shape, lash quality, age and their personal lash preference. From classic extensions to voluminous Russian Volume, the personalisation of her services makes for a uniquely perfect gaze, every time.

Thanks to popular demand, Jessica has now launched a lash training course, providing expert advice to women eager to enter the industry and learn from the best.

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