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Revel in Mystery



Accessorise your home with black. It’s classy, it’s chic and it sits elegantly within any décor while adding a sense of mystery.

Take a walk on the dark side with Australia’s very first black oil reed diffuser by TÄNDA Modern. Emerging from the twilight shadowed in mystery and rebellion, the black oil reed diffuser explores the absence of light, inspiring mood, sophistication and artistic beauty.


Housed in recycled glassware and brought to life with stalks of timber reeds, each artisan diffuser contains premium high quality fragrance oil.

Available in 6 scents, these diffusers will provide delicate fragrance for the most discerning of home owner and, as well as being perfect for the feminine boudoir, will accessorise any sleek bachelor pad for up to six months.


AVOCADO MINT – Subtle and uplifting, this fragrance contains notes of citrus, mint, violet, vanilla, avocado and light musk.

JUNIPER BREEZE – Fresh and pretty, this fragrance contains notes of jasmine, musk, juniper berries and forest greenery.

LILY & GINGER – Deep, sultry and sophisticated, this fragrance contains notes of bergamot, lime, ginger, violet, peonies and lilies.

LYCHEE PEONY – Sweet and fruity, this fragrance contains notes of lychee, citrus, magnolia and peonies.

PINK PEPPER – Masculine and sensual, this fragrance contains notes of citrus, basil, jasmine, cedar wood and spice.

POMEGRANATE & SAGE – Sweet and herbal, this fragrance contains notes of sage, cedar wood, pomegranate, patchouli and cassis

Black oil reed diffuser – $34.95 – 180ml