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Reinterpretation of cult details

Sansin Adali expressed the mood swings of the people traumatized in our current daily lives with her transparent, holographic and striped designs.

Renowned for reinterpreting the cult details in a modern way in her designs in order to create a romantic, feminine and elegant look for women, Sansim Adali, introduced her 2017 Spring & Summer Collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - OCTOBER 14:  Sansim Adali is applauded on the runway at the Sudietuz show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul at Zorlu Center on October 14, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Levent Kulu/Getty Images for IMG) *** Local Caption *** Sansim Adali

Sansim Adali

Sansim Adali has taken her inspiration from hologram and transparency for her new collection and defined hologram as a metaphorical representation of the mood in which people recently go through in an unstable and catastrophic environment of today.

The designer commented on her new collection and continued as; ‘Thanks to my daughters Dünyam and Okyanus, I am very familiar with new generation toys. There is a jelly-like but non-cohesive holographic material called ‘slime’ which I usually watch on YouTube with my daughters. And there are toys like seashells hidden in that material. My colour palette in this new collection has many shades from this ‘slime’. The new collection has plissé volan appliques, belts and exaggerated sleeves. As my daughter’s name implies, I’m very interested in the ocean. The holographic tissue of seashell’s external and internal structure is another inspiration for me.”

Sansim Adali mentioned that in her latest collection, she has built as a representation of the mood swings of people traumatized because of such violent environment we have to live in, such as swinging into depression, being defensive or melancholic just quickly after feeling happy. “After all, I want to transform the theme of the collection based on such thoughts into joy, happiness and positive feelings. Like the children’s plays that I had taken my inspiration from, I would like to reflect a naive joy and happiness just similar to children’s relations with the world. Getting away from everything for a little while and having fun with a childlike joy is actually a very reasonable request for everyone to have.’