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Red Hot & Smokin!

It’s absolutely no secret – I LOVE AMERICA.

I love the people, the scenery, the lifestyles and, just as important, I love the food.

We have had the American style ‘fast food’ for years now, but I am really happy to say the art of smoking food has become quite pronounced in Australian culture over the last couple of years.

Red Hot & Smokin! – Basics, fundamentals and guilty pleasures – by Graeme Stockdale, takes you on a journey with this culinary style. It’s a mixture of step-by-step basics and flexible fundamentals.

Graeme grew up in Albany, Western Australia, and has an intense passion for everything food has to offer. He now leads a great team into battle every day at his restaurant in Bangalow, New South Wales. They regularly feed 300 people a night on his Southern fried chicken and smokehouse BBQ menu.

In Red Hot & Smokin! you will master the art of the smoker, experiment with pickles and sauces, put together the ‘perfect burger’, or make a traditional soft taco. Heard of an Oyster Po’ Bo? I have, and I’ve eaten it – WOWZA – in this book you can get the recipe and make your own. Make Mexican Hang-Over Rolls – but there is no prerequisite to be either Mexican or hung over! Learn how to create your own basic pickling liquid to pickle radishes, cucumbers or other vegetables. Who doesn’t love chicken gravy? The recipe is here, have it on oven chips, fried chicken or anything else you fancy – these recipes are here too. The perfect smoked meat requires the perfect rub mix – yep, recipes here for these as well.

The recipes are easy to follow with delicious results. Flick through the pages and you will also find some very interesting, and somewhat humorous food facts, such as – which spice will apparently cause an elephant to stampede?

Red Hot & Smokin! Takes you on a whirlwind tour of smoking meat, fried chicken, BBQ and burgers with all the extras thrown in.

This is a great book for those who love a good feed!

Red Hot & Smokin! – New Holland Publishers RRP $35.00 available from all good book retailers or online

by Carol Sheridan