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PRODIJEE roadtrip – Days 8 and 9

Carson City is quite a small place, even residents say that there isn’t much to do there, but the casinos are always busy but completely packed out on the weekends.

The city is surrounded by mountains. It is dry and sparse, some people say it is similar to visiting the moon.

Having said that, the main downtown area is very pretty with old buildings perfectly maintained. The suburbs sprawl out from the city centre and end in completely desert nothingness.

From Carson City it is only a short trip to some really fantastic and historic towns – Virginia City, Truckee and Genoa.

Virginia City is a really well maintained old western style town – right down to rickety boarded pathways. The town relies heavily on tourism and by the number of tourists that were there when we were, the town must be doing a roaring business. When you are there, watch out for Stink-E, who will introduce you to his donkey Bernadine, and ask you if you would like to kiss his ‘ass’ – obviously he means Bernadine, but it leads to lots of jokes and fun.

Truckee is very difficult to describe – the word ‘beautiful’ simply does not do this town justice. Log  cabins set amongst the pine forest, a bustling historic shopping area, great restaurants and bars – you would swear you are living in one of those cute little snow dome shakers.

Genoa is another very pretty town, it is also very tiny. If you ever get to Genoa you must have a drink in the Genoa Bar. At first glance you might think the building is about to fall down, but it is structurally sound and full of historic relics (covered in historic dust).