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PRODIJEE roadtrip – day 17

We have done quite the loop and now in Reno we are only around a 30 minute drive from Carson City where we were many miles, but only a few days ago.

I thought that Reno would be the one place I knew what to expect on this trip – a mini version of Las Vegas but I was wrong. Yes, there are casinos aplenty, but there is so much more to this city that again, we won’t have anywhere near enough time to explore it properly.

There is rafting through the middle of downtown, a huge local art scene, hot air balloon races at certain times of the year, museums, a water park with a tidal pool, a lazy river and heaps of water slides, parks, river walks, shopping and restaurants to suit anyone, bars and saloons, you will not be short of ideas for things to do here.

There is one major hint I can give you about Reno – this is a VERY popular place at any time, but particularly as a weekend destination. Book your accommodation with a ‘free’ cancellation to make sure you can get your flight. Booking our flight from Reno to Los Angeles (admittedly for a Sunday) was really difficult – we struggled to get ours nearly 6 months ago, so plan well ahead if you are going to fly in or out of this vibrant city.

This is where I will leave our roadtrip as our next destination, LA, is a whole other story.