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Oh my – how the times have changed


Women were once seen as fragile creatures who would get the vapors and need smelling salts if they did anything more physical than pour a cup of tea. There was even a time when exercise was something a refined woman would definitely not partake of. But slowly, times changed and women’s only exercise groups were formed – gentle stretching and regimented arm waves were about as physical as it would get. Then women became more daring, and those who were extremely brave would don a swim suit and brave the ‘tumultuous waves’ at a calm beachside resort.

Fast forward 100 years and we find that women are almost hanging from the treetops to find fitness, health and lithe, structured bodies. They are reaching for the stars while they work out via poles and aerial acrobatics. Once considered taboo, pole dancing has become a fitness phenomenon and according to statistics from the USA, a pole goes up in a studio every 12 hours somewhere in the world. The popularity of pole fitness has inspired complementary creative aerial and circus style fitness trends.

Whatever fitness regime you have, or our forbearers had, appropriate clothing was, and is, an absolute must. Imagine being up that pole, or hanging from an aerial silk, about to perform what could be a very dangerous move and your clothing tears, or, ends up right up…. well, where it shouldn’t go!
You need to have confidence in what you wear so that you can give your fitness moves 100 percent of your attention.

Already a name well-known to those in the pole fitness industry, local Melbourne fitness wear brand, Active Creatures, offers a range of attire that will have OTHERS focusing on what you wear, while you can concentrate on your fitness regime.

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“Pole and aerial workouts result in total body toning, and improved balance and posture without the muscle mass many women fear, so it’s not surprising that the sport has taken off,” explains founder of Active Creatures, Melody Townsend. A pole athlete herself, Melody and her husband left high flying corporate careers to focus on what they thought was missing in the active wear space – and that meant addressing common athletic wear complaints as well as gaps in the market. One of these gaps was that traditional workout wear didn’t necessarily cater for women who undertake less conventional but incredibly popular forms of sport such as pole classes.


Melanie Townsend and Husband

“Active Creatures doesn’t discriminate,” Melody says. “If you are an active woman, you need to be able to rely on what you’re wearing to do its job while you do yours.”

The Wild Jungle range is available for purchase including key pieces such as:
Fatal Attraction full length leggings: They’ve got a low slung waist with a soft elastic band for maximum comfort. Offering distinctive paneling including beautiful stretch mesh, these leggings are a perfect partner for bare feet at yoga, sneakers at the gym, or heels for a more glam look.

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Legs Eleven Capri leggings: Offering incredible comfort, made possible by a non-elastic fold over stretch waistband, you can wear these leggings all day long. Wear the waistband higher to cover your stomach and back in yoga class, or fold the waistband low to raise the temperature.

Cross Your Heart bra top: With its flattering cross-over front and beautiful tripod styling across the back, this bra offers the right amount of support that’s perfect for yoga, dance, spinning, jogging and other medium-impact sports.

Jaw Dropper bra top: Form fitting and functional, a beautiful sports bra that will ensure you enjoy a full range of motion whether you’re at the gym, yoga or pilates. And with a front zip, this bra is easy to put on and take off, making it perfect for high impact workouts.