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Now that stinks!

Ever been stuck on some kind of public transport where your nose is close to someone’s underarm?

Ever been sitting on a plane when you are forced to wonder if the person next to you knows what a deodorant is?

Ever had someone simply walk passed you and you notice their presence by a bad smell?

Yes, it has happened to all of us at some time, THAT person who, well, delicately said, has a bit of an odour. Has it ever made you wonder if maybe people have thought that about you? We have all been let down by our deodorant at some time in our life – there is no point in denying it.

Believe it or not, some people simply cannot use commercial deodorants – allergies to the chemicals used, intolerances to aerosols etc. but the natural and low irritant deodorants on the market, up until recently, haven’t always solved the BO problem.

Until now!

NO PONG (very aptly named) 100 per cent natural anti-odourant is an extremely effective, all natural, unisex product made right here in Australia.2

The unconventional anti-odourant merges science and nature to deliver a 100 per cent natural water-resistant formula to stop sweaty bacteria from forming and causing the body to, well, pong!

Effective for over 12 hours, and tested in tropical heat, stressful conditions and through sweaty gym workouts, NO PONG is fragranced with a gender-neutral blend of citrus, floral notes and a hint of vanilla.


Do the sniff test – NO PONG!

Free from aluminium, parabens and hidden nasties, NO PONG is made for the brilliant and humanly sweaty bodies of Australia!

NO PONG is available nationally at for just RRP AU$5.95 (excluding shipping), but if you want to make sure you remain pong free you can subscribe to the NO PONG CLUB where you can enjoy a regular monthly delivery for just RRP AU$7.95 per month.

(NO PONG comes in a small flat tub that can be very easily slipped into a smelly friend’s bag or pocket for them to ‘discover’ AND USE thus saving the nostrils of all those around – you could become a hero)