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I have said it before, and I say it again, the best way for children to learn is when they are having fun. I dare to say, that nobody knows this better than the people at Lonely Planet who are making learning everything about geography and world experiences super fun for children.

Lonely Planet’s children publishing was launched in 2011 as “Not-for-Parents” and renamed/relaunched as “Lonely Planet Kids” in 2014.  60 titles have been released thus far, with more to follow throughout this year – and beyond.

I am super impressed with the entire range of Lonely Planet Kids books, they are a great resource for children to learn so much about travel, world geographical features, different lifestyles and cultures, cities they live in and cities across the other side of the world, all while having lots of fun either on their own or with friends or family. It’s not only the child who will have fun while learning all sorts of interesting things, I can guarantee that parents will also be learning things that they never knew – also while having fun!

Lonely Planet books are available at all good book stores, but if you want to buy online – – you will find that you can search for ‘all books’, or purchase books suited to suggested age groups – 3-5, 5-8 and 8+. Of course every child is different, but I have found their age suggestions to be very accurate. The Lonely Planet Kids books will captivate imaginations and open new worlds to everyone who reads them and follows along their paths of adventure.

Two of the newest books to the Lonely Planet Kids library is the ‘Unfolding Journeys’ series – Following the Great Wall and Secrets of the Nile.

Each title charts a journey in a sensational fold-out wall frieze nearly two-metres long, which can be removed and displayed. With stunningly illustrated detail on one side, and fascinatingly evocative text from award-winning Stewart Ross on the other, these books are designed to delight explorers aged seven and over.

Lonely Planet Kids: Unfolding Journeys – Following the Great Wall

From the dusty desert of Gansu province to the rolling waves of the Yellow Sea, this amazing journey takes you past flaming mountains and ancient wonders. Watch out for mighty fortresses, giant pandas and the extraordinary Army of Terracotta Warriors.  Along the way you’ll discover breathtaking wonders of nature, visit modern China, and see how the traditions and landscape of the Great Wall are changing. You’ll also encounter fascinating ancient Chinese monuments and amazing creatures living near the Wall.

Created in consultation with William Lindesay OBE – author, presenter, geographer, researcher and leading non-Chinese expert on the Great Wall.

Lonely Planet Kids: Unfolding Journeys – Secrets of the Nile

From the golden beaches of the Mediterranean, travel upstream to explore the cultural, historical and natural wonders of ancient and modern Egypt. Find out about Egyptian pharaohs and explore their treasures, tombs and mummies; visit modern Egypt and see how the landscape of the Nile is changing; discover the Pyramids and other wonders of the ancient world; and encounter some of the exotic creatures that make the Nile their home.

Created in consultation with Anthony Sattin – award-winning author, journalist and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Lonely Planet Kids: Unfolding Journeys – Following the Great Wall and Lonely Planet Kids: Unfolding Journeys – Secrets of the Nile are recommended for kids aged 7+. They are pull-out frieze books (lots of fun) and sell for AU $24.99 / NZ $26.99