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Kelapa for natural health

In a world of chemical additives, artificial ingredients and over processing of our foods, it is refreshing to go back to nature for our health solutions.

After her family and friends were struggling with skin irritations and allergies, Melbourne mother, Glenyce, used her in-depth knowledge of natural medicine to create an organic range of homemade remedies to treat even the most sensitive skin. Seeing the positive results her formulations were having, Glenyce knew that her products could aid other Australians who were battling skin sensitivities.

Enlisting the help of her son, Adam, Kelapa Organics was born. The company grew out of a passion to provide high quality, gentle and natural skin care products for those who sought to avoid harsh chemical additives. The Kelapa products are based on nature’s wealth of beautifully gentle and nourishing oils such as aloe vera and rosehip oil with organic coconut oil being a major active ingredient across their range.


Kelapa use Australian Certified Organic Coconut Oil which has exceptional moisturising, protective and antioxidant qualities which make it an ideal and natural choice. It is easily absorbed by the skin, having a similar molecular structure to sebum (your skins’ natural oil), and assists the creation of a protective emollient layer on the skin.

The skincare range is made up of daily and nightly moisturisers which are light and buttery, hand and body lotions which are light and quickly absorbed, and facial scrubs and cleansers that you can feel working. The product range averages at over 80 per cent Australian Certified Organic, does not contain any harsh chemicals and is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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