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Minimalist style

In bygone eras, women had the time to spend at the mirror, primping and preening as well as selecting and adorning themselves in layers of magnificent jewellery.


Lives have changed and women are run off their feet, no longer having the time for endless hours of self-indulgent preening.

Not only the time factor, we have now discovered that in many cases, less is more. We rarely look for the ‘over the top’ options with our makeup, clothing or accessories, and have discovered that beauty is minimalistic, natural and simple.


Symmetry is often considered the height of perceptible beauty, compelling designers, architects, artists and composers to strive for harmony and balance in their wondrous creations.

Inspired by the equilibrium of the literary palindrome, Australian jewellery label, Minimalist Jewellery, celebrates proportional beauty and ratio with their sterling silver range of double ballin’ symmetrical bangles.

Formed to serve as a stand-alone accessory or as part of a layered fashion narrative, the double ballin’ bangle boasts the label’s clean and simplistic aesthetic, while teasing its classic appeal with contemporary oversized cylindrical ball detailing.


The palindromic collection of bangles is available in a range of high-gloss and feminine colours, including silver, gold and rose gold plated designs.  Each bangle retails for $40 RRP and is available nationally via the Minimalist Jewellery online store.