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Metal inspired menswear shines at Milan

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs

Milan, ITALY: Franklin Eugene showcased a metallic tinged profusion of precisely proportioned menswear at Milan Fashion Week F/W 2016/2017

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs

Metals made their way through the entire collection.  The Peter, The Parker, The Paul, and The Patrick silhouettes placed pewter inspired pieces center stage and were well poised to share the spotlight with classy copper touched creations.  The natural thermal conductivity of FRANKLIN EUGENE’s copper singed designs easily transitioned to a multitude of silver and gold inspired classic shirts and trousers.

The range peaks with a myriad of titanium and platinum inspired sweaters, waistcoats, shirts, blazers, suits, and tuxedos.  The Slava, The Serguei, The Dimitri, The Adam, The Alec, The Alesandro, The Alex, and The Armand are among the stunning offerings in this portion of the range.

“Metal was definitely in the Milan air” stated Eugene.  “This collection is inspired by inclusivity, as the entire range highlights metals that span the continuum from common to precious. It also channels the timeless durability and mesmerizing luminosity of metals. It returns to my Libra roots with balance and counterpoise also being dominant themes.”