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Made in nature. Formed by man.

Jewellery is an expression of our individuality, our taste, our culture or our status. It is often given as a gift of love or handed down from generation to generation.

We buy it, we receive it, we wear it, and we love it. But above all, we like our jewellery to be different, different to what others have. It needs to speak volumes about our personality and who we really are.

Joseph Jáuregui, Owner and Creator of The Wooden Circle is creating beautiful jewellery that does just that.

dark jarrah with copper

This family based business is based in Sydney, Australia where they work from their home studio using traditional wood working tools to craft their wooden pieces. The methods they use allow them to create custom pieces that feature both individuality and personality. Each piece is mindfully crafted from FSC certified local and exotic wood. None of their pieces are exactly the same, this is the result of hand-crafting each piece. They bend simple ‘wooden circles’ into beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery for you to enjoy.

Merging contemporary stylings with traditional wood work practices, the gender neutral range of custom bentwood rings are created paralleling the wearer’s unique personality and style.

The Wooden Circle celebrates the bespoke beauty of simplistic curves with their handcrafted range of wood and precious metal bentwood jewellery.