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LUSH Montalbano

I must say that I was hesitant about using a shampoo bar. My hair is fine, often oily, can be quite lank at times, and has a tendency to frizz, so spending money on something that is quite out of the ordinary for me came with some trepidation.

What initially sold me on the Montalbano Shampoo Bar from Lush was the lack of packaging and anything I can do to help reduce plastic going into our waste system is always going to be a plus for me.

The first advertisement I saw for this product stated that this small shampoo bar would be equal to the product in about three bottles of shampoo – now, that is a huge saving on plastic usage. When my products arrived I was disappointed with the packaging of the goods I purchased – have a read about that here –, but moving on, here is what I think of the product.

Made with Sicilian lemon oil, lemon juice and fresh olives the Montalbano shampoo bar definitely adds shine to your hair, and the addition of rosemary adds some suds so you know its working. I found the best way to use this product is to rub it over wet hair, and then massage hair and scalp until some suds and foam appear. It’s at this stage you will notice an unbelievably beautiful scent of lemon.

Lemons aren’t only used for their fragrance, they are astringent and add shine to your hair as their acidity causes hair follicles to lie flat meaning the reflect more light.

My problematic hair has always needed to be washed every second day, if I am lucky, otherwise daily if I want it to look at its best.

From the very first use I found this shampoo bar works incredibly well. It gets my hair lovely and clean and I can now go three, sometimes four, days between washing with the style and healthy looking shine lasting the whole time.

I have also found that my hair seems to be stronger and thicker which could be due to the use of green olives in this product.

This product is said to last around three months, I don’t know about that just yet, but I do know, I have used it seven times now and the bar looks exactly as it did before my first time using it.

Adding to the fact that this product works extremely well, Lush uses natural and safe ingredients, minimal product packaging and does not test their products on animals, I am 100 per cent converted to using the Montalbano Shampoo Bar over any commercially packaged product.

by Carol Sheridan