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Look good, feel good

It’s been a rough winter for a lot of people and unfortunately I have been one of those who has suffered this year.

Coughs, colds, flu (yes, REAL flu), aches, pains, uncountable trips to hospital, surgery, anaesthetic, recovery, waiting rooms, doctors, surgeons, nurses, other patients – it’s been one hell of a few months.

Winter takes it toll on our hair and skin at the best of times, but when you are unwell those ‘tolls’ are magnified.


Lying in a hospital bed, when you are feeling really bad, one of the things you can often fear is visitors! Yes, you love them to death, and you are so appreciative of them taking the time to visit you, but those loving and caring visitors get to see you at your absolute worst – the ‘worst’ that you prefer to keep hidden.


The majority of us just simply do not look like celebrities when they are in hospital – no waking up with soft and delicate (but full) makeup, no waking up with naturally wavy or curly hair with beautiful bouncy movement, no waking up with glowing skin. Nup, for me – hair is plastered to my head, skin is dry and cracking, lips are so cracked they are peeling, makeup is a not even on the agenda – absolutely a million miles from looking my best, or even looking half alive.

After suffering with these terrible symptoms of winter and illness, I have come up with some fantastic products that will help you improve skin, lips, hair and appearance whether you have been ill or not.

The Boots Serum 7 Renew range of serums has given my skin a luminous and healthy appearance. I noticed the difference immediately on the first application but can see and feel the improvement in my skin as I continue use.

Serum7 RENEW - Ultimate Renewal Serum

Serum7 - Deep wrinkle repair serum copy

Serum7 - Beauty Serum

Moisturisers contain approximately 5-10 per cent active ingredients while serums contain up to 70 per cent. A serum isn’t designed to replace your daytime and night time moisturiser, they will however, boost anti-aging results and overall skin health when used as part of a skincare regime. The molecules in serums are smaller than those in moisturisers, so the antioxidant-rich formula can penetrate deep into the skin to soothe redness and brighten the skin. They also help skin repair itself so it can heal faster.

Ultimate Renewal Serum – RRP AU$44.00

Deep Wrinkle Repair Serum – RRP AU$38.00

Beauty Serum – RRP AU $36.00

Using these serums, my skin looks and feels firmer, more radiant and well hydrated.

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Lip Balm worked a treat on my extremely dry, cracked, chapped and peeling lips. This little 10g pot of goodness made my lips feel instantly hydrated; I could immediately talk and smile without having to worry about some of the deep cracks starting to bleed. Within 3 hours all signs of dryness, chapping had diminished and even those very deep cracks had completely healed within 24 hours.

100% natural jojoba lip balm

Something to keep in mind about all lip balms though is that they need to be changed. Don’t think you can hang on to one for years and use it over and over. Bacteria can get into these products, whether they come in pot, tube or stick, especially if you have been sick. It is important to change them every three months, or, if you have been sick and using the product, dispose of it and get a new one as soon as you are well again – no point re-infecting yourself simply because you are using a germy product.

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Lip Balm – RRP AU$14.95

Life saver of life savers is the De Lorenzo Elements Quicksand. This handy little product is a matt styling powder that provides instant root lift that really seems to defy gravity. Quicksand absorbs excess oil ad provides a lightweight, medium hold texture. All you need to do is shake some into your hand, or directly onto the root area of dry hair, and work through while lifting and styling. It very quickly fixed all my ‘flat hospital hair’ and made me feel human. This is a great product not just when you are sick, but if you are just short on time. The small container can easily slip into your bag so you can use it to give your hair ‘oomph’ for a night out after work.Elements_Quicksand1

De Lorenzo Elements Quicksand – RRP AU$18.95 – Hairhouse Warehouse

For me, there is a downside to being a true blonde, and that is that my eyebrows and eyelashes are practically invisible without added colour. Without the visible eyelashes my eyes look very small and that certainly doesn’t help looking good when you have been unwell.

Physicians Formula argan wear mascara is liquid gold, it not only gives dramatic and exotic lashes with ultra-black pigment, it gives volume, lengthens, gives added shine, nourishes and conditions. Not only that, it provides 24 hour wear, is flake free and smudge free. Not only did this mascara give my eyes some ‘life’ it allowed me to cope with hospital life of being sitting up in bed one minute and lying down sound asleep the next – the last thing I needed was waking up with panda eyes!

Argan Wear Mascara High Res

Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Mascara – RRP AU $24.95

Another brilliant product from the Jojoba Company is their moisturizer. This is a little pump spray bottle of jojoba seed oil that you use as a daily moisturizer to balance, protect, nourish and soothe your skin. As a moisturizer, this product works a treat, easily applied and quickly absorbed, but I am finding that this product is also great for surgical scars. Once stitches are out (or dissolved) and bandages are off, this product is really helping reduce the itching appearance of my scars.


Jojoba 100% Natural Australian Jojoba – RRP AU$19.95 (30ml) –

They say that a lot of health and healing is due to mind over matter and with the help of these products making me look and feel better I am well on the way to a full recovery. I do however know, that should another medical ‘incident’ crop up, I now have the knowledge now on one very good way to help myself.

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by Carol Sheridan